Public schools are the great equalizer for local families, creating economic mobility, and building self-esteem for future success. Strong public schools open doors and serve as an anchor for our community. For many children in Seattle who lack the supplies, support, and sometimes stability to engage in their education, this is not always the case.

Technology and innovation in our region is booming, now making up about 25% of our local economy. As our industry grows, we want to help students in our region share in this prosperity.

Helping local students is easy. By donating basic school supplies, volunteering your time, or providing financial contributions you ensure the success of these students on their educational journey. See examples of how we support local students.

Be a part of this community movement, one pencil, one snack, one student at a time.

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Families make hard financial decisions everyday. For some families in our community, these trade-offs impact a student’s readiness to learn.

Our greenlight fund is designed to ensure full participation in school!
  • Provide families emergency support
  • Support participation in extracurriculars
  • Add STREAM experiences to the classroom
Funds are deployed by staff working in local schools, ensuring barriers are addressed effectively.

Hear stories of how these funds change lives.

100% of your donation is tax-deductible and available for matching from your employer. Funds are received and managed by Communities in Schools of Seattle – an affiliate of Communities In Schools of Washington and a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. EIN 91-1910330


We organize volunteer opportunities with the schools we support. Volunteering is easy to do and requires no special skill, just a willingness to support youth in our community. Sign up below and let us know if you would like to: support hardworking teachers by bringing them coffee, bring students to your workplace, share your career pathway into tech, or do some manual labor to support a school.


Public education is not free for students. Every year, families are asked to spend $100+ per student on learning supplies.

For some in our community, this costs too much. Faced with hard financial trade-offs, many students show up unequipped for school. Teachers on the frontlines spend on average $400 from their own salaries to purchase supplies for students in need.

Through the simple act of purchasing pencils, art supplies, or a graphing calculator you can make a meaningful difference in the life of a student in Seattle. They can show up to school prepared. They might even discover they have a gift for the arts or can solve quadratics with ease.

Send supplies to a student today!

Tech companies around the area have provided donation bins. If you see a bin, chip in.

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