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COVID-19 Update from the Seattle Tech Community

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We started these updates in early March to help tech workers stay informed about COVID-19 and ensure social distancing strategies didn’t upend community connections. Our goal was to highlight stories about how the innovation economy in our region was leading in uncertain times. As the pandemic and its economic fallout intersect with the renewed momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement, we have hope this is a true turning point in history. To capture a more holistic view of what’s happening in our region, we are broadening the scope of our updates to include meaningful racial equity work both in tech and in the community.

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How Tech Companies Are Supporting Our Communities

A number of innovative companies are working on alternatives to single-use plastic, despite the pandemic’s temporary roll back of policies intended to shift away from plastic.

What You Can Do
By now, we’ve all seen the videos and memes about washing our hands (you can even make your own), and read the best advice for staying healthy. Here are other actions you can take to support your community:

Stories from our readers


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Activating the innovation economy as a force for civic engagement in Seattle