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WHAT WE DO is activating our local innovation economy as a force for civic action. We stimulate engagement across our industry and work in partnership with existing community organizations to strengthen their programs and organizations. designs and deploys campaigns across our membership on critical civic issues to raise awareness, garner support, and highlight direct pathways for action.


Emerging Civic Issues

We host regular events that distill complex community issues and highlight pathways for industry workers to take action.

K-12 Public Education

We support Seattle Public Schools by connecting STEM programming and volunteers to low income schools. Learn more about our greenlight initiative.

We connect our industry to Seattle and each other. curates content, community, events, and stories to ignite interest and action in our local community. Our programming low-barrier, high-impact, and tailored specifically to tech and innovation workers.


Connecting tech and innovation workers to each other and opportunities in their community where they can learn and make a difference, together.


Informing our members and employees on the issues we face in Seattle through events with local experts.


Exciting and inspiring the industry through storytelling as a catalyst for action.

Activating the innovation economy as a force for civic engagement in Seattle