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PARTNERSHIPS FOR SEATTLE works in partnership with existing organizations to strengthen their programs and organizations. We address local community challenges by designing and deploying campaigns across our membership to raise issue awareness, garner support, and provide direct pathways for action. Through creating meaningful volunteer opportunities for local employees to roll up their sleeves and give back to their communities, we leverage the power of our membership and build awareness across the tech and innovation economy.

Working collaboratively with local policy experts, community leaders, and the board, identified education as a top community priority. Focusing on building connections and cross-sector partnerships for some of Seattle’s schools, we will deliver tangible positive impacts for young people and their families.

Supporting Seattle’s most under-resourced schools is’s first area of focus, and as our organization grows, so will the issues we work on. From housing, affordability, homelessness, transportation, neighborhood safety, and community-building, we aim to be part of the solution.

Learn more about our greenlight initiative.

Activating the innovation economy as a force for civic engagement in Seattle