In the Puget Sound region, we have been encouraged to practice some form of social distancing since early March. Over the last weeks, it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain meaningful connections with the communities we care about.’s Community Connections amplifies stories of people working in the tech industry who are undeterred by these uncertain times, people finding ways to connect across social distances, and the community organizations that inspire them.

Get Involved

Send us a video! Tell us a little about yourself, your name and title at your company. Share with us how long you’ve been living in Seattle and what “community connections” means to you. Tell us what you have done to help during this crisis. Your story has the power to amplify our community’s resiliency and galvanize others into action.

We will share it with partners and across social media platforms to strengthen this community movement using the hashtag #CommunityConnections.

Please send your video to Luanda Arai at Feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions or need tips. We look forward to your submissions!

Activating the innovation economy as a force for civic engagement in Seattle